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TARGET – Strumica, R.Macedonia is a trading company that successfully works  from 01.01.2007.

The main activity of company is import and distribution of food commodities. Our specialty are confectionary products with high quality. We have a distribution center in Strumica, through which we distribute our products all over the territory of Macedonia. We cooperate with most commercial chains throughout the country.

All clients are regularly visited by our commercialist and all of the goods are distributed in the shortest possible time. Our company growth is permanent and currently is the exclusive importer and distributor of many famous foreign brands. As part of our company we own a specialized store for confectionary productsstore called Sweet House.


We have a distribution center in Strumica, through which distribute wholesale and retail territory of Macedonia.

Our sub distributors throughout

the territory of R.Macedonia are:


  • A.M. Ohrid
  • Mitrovski Bitola
  • Bado Bitola
  • Viktorija tabako Prilep
  • Alijansa Prilep
  • Žak trejd Prilep
  • Kodikom Negotino
  • TT Tabak Veles
  • Stelimpeks Štip
  • Tekoma distribucija Štip
  • Mikasa Gostivar
  • Dauti Skopje
  • Integral Tetovo
  • Makroprom Skopje
  • Top bazar Kočani
  • Bekom Tetovo
  • Še-os Tetovo
  • Benavi-kom Tetovo
  • Evropa-šar Tetovo
  • Markal Tetovo
  • Maks Strumica
  • Crvena ruža Strumica
  • Koda trejd Strumica
  • Merkator Strumica
  • Top market Kumanovo
  • Du-bo Kumanovo

Also, you can find our product in:


  • Kipper
  • Stokomak
  • KAM
  • Žito marketi
  • Kit-Go
  • Tera marketi
  • Reptil
  • Zendolino
  • Granap
  • Gigo trejd marketi
  • Astra marketi
  • Bako
  • Super srk
  • Angromarketing
  • Makom tref
  • Ramstore