• Sweet Plus +

    „Sweet Plus+“ is the brand under which ZIV Ltd sells sweet products – biscuits, wafers, sponge cakes, chocolates, candies, etc. Created in 2002 after just a few changes in its appearance, in 2006 today’s logo is born. The “Sweet Plus+” brand is sold all over the world today with the warranty of great and consistent quality of the product.

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  • Salza +

    Since all things in life are either sweet or salty, ZIV developed a special brand “SaLza” under which they sell all their salty products. You can find salty biscuits, grissini, bread snacks, rusks and many more. Many of these products are without any analogue in the market which makes them quite unique. With natural spices and tastes, Himalayan salt and seeds, there’s no possibility to resist such a temptation.

  • Zido +

    Zido is a Bulgarian food brand, a part of ZIV Ltd. Family.

    “Zido Whole Food” presents products entirely focused on whole grain flours and seeds, resistant to heat, treatment fats, seal salt, brown sugar, dried fruit, raw nuts and naturally sweet ingredients in touching combination. The line “Zido Organic” contains bio-certified products.

    Zido product characteristics are related to the quality of raw materials for production, the characteristics of conscious food culture, the nature of production in industrial conditions and the essence of the creation of a "clean label" product.

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  • Mazzetto +

    It’s a coincidence that in Italian Mazzetto means “bouquet”. But it’s not a coincidence that in our maze of endless fruits, you can find the full specter of tastes, captured for you to enjoy through the whole year. Under this brand we offer quality drinks with pieces natural fruits, as well as fruit syrups. We produce our drinks WHITOUT any colourants, flavourings, preservatives, only in glass bottles that don’t change the taste of the contents. See more at

  • Palomita +

    Palomita JSC is a Bulgarian company for production and distribution of sanitary hygienic products of all kinds – sanitary pads and tampons, cotton, cotton buds, baby diapers and adult incontinence products, napkins, papers and others.

    We rely on the professional work of our qualified staff and on the satisfaction of our customers, striving to satisfy all expectations and needs with our wide range of products and pristine quality.

    In 1993, we started with the production of sanitary pads with the use of only one machine and one brand – “Palomita”. Today, 22 years later, our catalogue contains over 230 product, branded “Palomita”, “Olivia”, “Nova Lady”, “Freshnex”, “ShuShi”.

  • AS Trading +

    AST Popcorn is a Bulgarian company producer of Microwave popcorn – one of the companies with the biggest and most modern facilities and equipment for production of microwave popcorn in Europe. We produce our own high quality corn, which is being constantly laboratory tested, for ensuring high standard.  We focus upon quality from the process of growing corn to the finished product.

  • Nellis +

    Nellis waffle with Caramel and Honey are one of the specialties of the Netherlands. Their history dates back to 1784, when an unknown Dutch baker used crumbs and spices to make a special dessert that sweetened it with syrup. The recipe was passed down from generation to generation and kept a deep secret. BCC Ltd. has been the only manufacturer of this type of waffles in Bulgaria since 2007. Nellis waffles meet European standards and quality requirements and are manufactured under the control of the HACCP system.