• Sweet Plus +

    "We produce quality” The way we create quality is just as important for us as the products we manufacture. Our quality policy is not limited to the scope and operation of the manufacturing process, it covers the entire business of the company. We create quality in every process or activity. We achieve this by assigning clear and specific tasks, duties and powers to all departments and employees.

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  • Zido +

    This is food that gives a full charge combined with excellent taste for the modern man with conscious food culture. ZIDO is entirely made from unrefined, whole and minimally processed ingredients, contains natural fats with remaining structure during thermal treatment to make it complete food, providing real energy.

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  • Mazzetto +

    In Bioplod Ltd. we use only glass bottles and jars, as they don’t change the taste of the contents. We know that the glass is natural material and thanks to its unique characteristics it ensures the best and healthiest conservation of foods and drinks. In addition, glass is 100% recyclable and environmentally sound.

  • A.S. Trading +

    AST is at the market since 1996, and in past years managed to make the road from a small producer to a company with the biggest and most modern facilities for the production of microwave popcorn in Bulgaria. The factory is located at 3000 sq. m., including production halls, storage areas and administrative offices.

  • Ovi & Sari +

    Company “Ovi & Sari” Ltd. was established in 1998. Our inspiration comes from our desire to turn the old homemade sweets into contemporary confectionary sweets, which everyone can afford. Our products are unique for the mass market. We do our best so that our products have minimum self life so that they preserve their taste as close as possible to the natural taste. Certified under ISO 22000, ISO14001, ISO 9001 and HALAL.

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  • Elit - P +

    "Discover our values and history."

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  • Palomita +

    Palomita JSC is a Bulgarian company for production and distribution of sanitary hygienic products of all kinds – sanitary pads and tampons, cotton, cotton buds, baby diapers and adult incontinence products, napkins, papers and others.

    We rely on the professional work of our qualified staff and on the satisfaction of our customers, striving to satisfy all expectations and needs with our wide range of products and pristine quality.

    In 1993, we started with the production of sanitary pads with the use of only one machine and one brand – “Palomita”. Today, 22 years later, our catalogue contains over 230 product, branded “Palomita”, “Olivia”, “Nova Lady”, “Freshnex”, “ShuShi”.